Police in Nanaimo are looking for a woman who allegedly threw hot coffee on a McDonald’s employee. (News Bulletin photo)

Police in Nanaimo are looking for a woman who allegedly threw hot coffee on a McDonald’s employee. (News Bulletin photo)

UPDATE: Nanaimo RCMP still looking for woman who threw coffee at worker after already receiving refund

Police asking for information in investigation that could lead to assault charges

Nanaimo RCMP say a woman who threw coffee on a McDonald’s employee last week had already been reimbursed by the restaurant for being served the wrong order.

The incident happened Oct. 13 at about 12:30 p.m., when a woman threw hot coffee on a worker through the drive-thru window at the Terminal Park location.

According to a Nanaimo RCMP press release, the woman received a drink that wasn’t exactly what she ordered, but even though she’d already been reimbursed for the order by the restaurant manager, she still expressed her displeasure by walking up to the drive-thru window to throw the coffee.

“She was reimbursed. That was not good enough for her,” said Const. Gary O’Brien, Nanaimo RCMP spokesman.

Very little of the coffee splattered onto the employee who was not injured, but the woman’s action changed her status from a displeased customer to the suspect in an assault investigation, RCMP say.

RCMP are still looking for the woman whose image was captured on another customer’s dash cam video that was turned over to police. The video, also posted on social media, quickly became the “No. 1 trending story on local social media platforms,” the press release noted.

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O’Brien said the investigation is active and that although police have not yet identified the suspect, they are following up some leads.

“We are confident we will be identifying her and we are confident she won’t be welcomed back in McDonald’s.”

The woman is described as Caucasian, 35-45 years old, with long dark hair. She was wearing dark clothing at the time of the incident. Anyone with information about the woman’s identity is asked to call the Nanaimo RCMP non-emergency line at 250-754-2345 and quote file No. 2020-37605.

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