Voter turnout is up

It's not much, but every little bit helps

Voter turnout to the 2011 federal election is still not all that it should be in this country, but at least more people in Nanaimo-Alberni showed up on May 2 to exercise their franchise than the average across Canada.

On Monday, 65,444 people voted in Nanaimo-Alberni, sending incumbent MP James Lunney back to Ottawa with an estimated 46.5 per cent of the overall tally.

That’s a 67 per cent voter turnout — a small increase over 2008’s 64.7 per cent.

The national percentage of voters who took part in the election Monday is only 61.4 per cent.

That, however, is also an increase over 2008, where voter turnout stood at 58.8 per cent.

While British Columbia voter turnouts the past four elections have been in the 60s, Prince Edward Island is the tops in the country in that regard, hovering around 70 per cent each time.