Wilson question town safety group’s credibilityThe Town of Qualicum Beach is going to try to get another traffic study done in the downtown core.

Public Safety Committee in Qualicum Beach comes under fire

The Town of Qualicum Beach is going to try to get  another traffic study done in the downtown core.

The move comes at the request of the select committee on public safety, headed by Councillor Kent Becker.

“In accord with the OCP to address the town goal of transportation safety, we are asking ICBC to do a comprehensive review of all speed limits, crosswalks and stop signs,” Becker said. 

While he has no problem promoting public safety, Coun. Jack Wilson took umbrage with the request.

“These constant recommendations by the public safety committee are given so much credibility,” he said. “There is nobody on the committee with any credentials to make statements about speed limits or pedestrian crossings. Why do we automatically give them so much credibility?”

That made Becker bristle.

“The committee has people with a wide variety of backgrounds,” he said. “These are concerned people who want to sit on the committee. You don’t need a degree in transit and transportation to come back with what you believe to be a sound recommendation for council. When these concerns are brought forward, we have a responsibility to listen. To suggest they are not performing what I consider a valuable resource to the community … I take exception to that.”

Wilson backed off at that point.

“I don’t mean to infer in any way they are not valuable, but when they put forward their ideas or concerns, we don’t always have to take them at face value,” he said. “When I look at the 40 kilometre per hour speed limit on Memorial, that was a knee jerk reaction. We jump right in there, to my chagrin.”

In response, Mayor Teunis Westbroek said council is indeed seeking expert advice on the issue, through ICBC.