Anwyn Woodyatt loves solving physics problems and wants to exploit that skill by attend the prestigious Imperial College London in the United Kingdom. — Photo Submitted

Anwyn Woodyatt loves solving physics problems and wants to exploit that skill by attend the prestigious Imperial College London in the United Kingdom. — Photo Submitted

Woodyatt seeks help to pursue physics education in London

Kwalikum Secondary product gets accepted to prestigious university in United Kingdom

Anwyn Woodyatt is learning that her quest to become a physicist is just as complex and challenging as the science course she plans to pursue in university.

The Kwalikum Secondary School alum, who has a deep passion for science, is getting ready to start an important chapter of her life.

Last December, following an interview at Imperial College London in the United Kingdom, Woodyatt was offered an opportunity to study at this prestigious university, which is ranked eighth in the Quacquarelli Symonds World University Rankings for 2018. It is a one-of-a-kind learning institution in London that focuses on science, engineering, medicine and business.

Woodyatt plans to study an MSc course in theoretical physics beginning this September. She is eager and anxiously looks forward to be part of the science world, undertaking research in some of the most exciting areas of theoretical physics that include string theory, quantum field theory, cosmology, quantum foundations, and gravity.

This young woman, who took a year off to apply to the top post-secondary schools, has done her due diligence and had to go through a myriad of challenges to build up her credibility and allow her to make a strong and convincing case as to why she should attend Imperial College.

“I overcame many obstacles independently to receive such a letter, and there were endless learning experiences along the way,” said Woodyatt. “It is my goal to study there.”

While Woodyatt is happy to receive an offer to attend Imperial College, her journey has encountered another stumbling block that could hinder her chances of achieving her goal. She said she can’t overcome this alone and is looking for help.

“The financial cost of studying overseas is unattainable for myself,” said Woodyatt, who despite having British citizenship, must pay full international fees. Other than StudentAidBC, Woodyatt will not be eligible for any loans, grants, bursaries or scholarships in the UK.

Woodyatt said despite all the grants, scholarships, bursaries she received when she graduated from Kwalikum, and also the student loans, she needs to raise about $50,000 to make her first year at Imperial College possible. The full cost, she said, is approximately $67,000. She has until June 7 to accept the offer from Imperial College with assurances that she has the finances to pay for her education.

“I have tried many avenues to find funding, unfortunately, all have failed thus far,” said Woodyatt, who will also be using money she has saved from her employment to pay for her other needs and for her airfare to London.

Woodyatt said she couldn’t ask her parents for any more support as they have already stretched their finances to assist her, and her brother, “more than they should have to.”

“They’ve sacrificed their financial security and their retirement for us so I am not asking them because they’ve done so much for me already,” said Woodyatt.

On the brink of giving up hope, Woodyatt said she found inspiration from a trumpeter from Toronto — William Leathers — who was accepted to Julliard in New York City with a $65k obstacle in his way.

Woodyatt said Leathers initiated a GoFundMe crowd-sourced funding account and has since surpassed his need and will soon be studying at Julliard.

“And so I thought, perhaps this city would support me in a similar way,” said Woodyatt. “If I am being completely honest, I feel badly to appear as a charity case when there are many in dire need that I would like to see money go to. But a friend of mine reminded me that I am not taking away when my career will give back several times over. You see, I will walk on Mars, build a sustainable environment, elucidate the Big Bang and educate others. My goal in life is not money nor titles, simply contributing as much positivity as I can to the world.”

Woodyatt’s many accolades include the prestigious Governor General’s award and Schulich Leader nomination, as well as Top Academic Science Award. She had the privilege of attending the Perimeter Institute’s International Summer School for Young Physicists as one of forty students chosen from around the world.

Woodyatt has started a GoFundMe account in the hope of generating the finances she needs to attend school in London. Those interested may view or contribute to the gofundme page at

Woodyatt can also be contacted at 250-752-9658 or