Work is spiritual

If we have a different attitude towards work, we will get different results

  • Mar. 12, 2013 10:00 a.m.

Work should be seen as spiritual, whatever you are doing for work right now. You have been placed there and you should thank all that have helped you get that position, from your parents to your teachers and your spiritual guide.

With that new attitude, no one would finagle his or her way to a job, there will be no laziness, no theft, no scheming to get promoted. Mutual respect between employees would be normal and the natural caste would appear.

On a larger scale, the large corporations would not just look at the bottom line, no wanting more material things “just because.” No power-hungry dictator and even government representatives would really look to better their country and fellow countryman.

The thought-centres of raw animal power and domination would shrivel to nothing, along with backstabbing, conniving and so much more that is brought by the intellect.

Work should not be seen as material, but spiritual and it does support your material needs.  Never mind what the others do or what your way of behaving toward work was yesterday.

So when you show up for work tomorrow, see it as spiritual work to help build the kingdom of peace.

François Bouchard