You’re never too old to fish

Fishing Forever event this year is Friday at Coombs Country Campground

Senior fishing fans get a day out at the lake

Senior fishing fans get a day out at the lake

What’s an avid fishing fan to do once they get too old to fish?

That’s not a fair question, says Fishing Forever sparkplug Brian Borrett.

That’s because, in his opinion, you’re never too old or infirm to fish.

Borrett and his cadre of volunteers from the Qualicum Fish and Game Association are set to prove that fact this Friday, May 24, when they present their annual fishing event at the Coombs Country Campground.

The day of fishing is designed, Borrett said, for those elderly residents who are shut in or living in care homes, or who suffer from chronic conditions such as multiple sclerosis.

“They’re stuck between four walls,” he said. “A lot of them were fishermen in the past and they want to get out and fish. Everybody really enjoys themselves.”

It’s also, he added, a great way to get out and socialize.

Borrett expects this year’s fishing event will see between 40 and 50 people fishing the stocked lake at the campsite, along with about an equal number of caregivers.

They’ll be fed lunches, courtesy of Qualicum Foods, which this year donated the entire luncheon — an upgrade from years past, when the group paid a nominal amount for the food.

“They love the program and it’s local,” Borrett said. “They’re even going to deliver it on site.”

Fishing Forever is a program of the B.C. Wildlife Federation.