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ATTN: Dakota Ross Groves - Notice Of Claim


To: Dakota Ross Groves

Take Notice That on August 23, 2023 an Order was made for substituted service upon you of a Notice of Claim issued from the Small Claims Registry, Campbell River, in action number C7745 by way of this advertisement.

In the proceeding a claim for a debt owed to me of $19.000.00 for a loan to you that was not repaid.

You have 14 days to file a Reply failing which proceedings in default may be taken against you.

You may obtain a copy of the Notice of Claim and the Order for substituted service from the Campbell River Provincial Court, Small Claims Registry at 500-13th Avenue, Campbell River, BC.

Veronica Suarez

86 Alder St

Campbell River, BC, V9W2N3 250-514-6121

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