Nielsen Hoyland POUL

Poul Nielsen Hoyland

April 2, 1913 – July 22, 2007

“Greatpa is an angel now.”

The Greatgrandkid tells Greatma.

A tear rolls down my cheek

As a smile comes to my lips

Yes, Greatpa is an angel now…

I remember a man who was

so strong, gentle and kind

A Honeybee Farmer – I was always in awe.

A Danish Guard – so handsome and proud.

A Husband – Grandma’s Honey Bear

A Father – They are now together, both souls free to fly

A Grandpa – his big strong hands and his ice blue eyes

A Greatgrandpa – just too little time

A Friend – so many memories

A quiet gentle soul with the heart of a grizzly bear

Now is the time to let go

To remember the love

To treasure the memories

To rejoice in his eternal glow

Grandpa is an angel now.