A job well done

Police gave exceptional service when my motor went missing

I’m writing to express my thanks to the RCMP for their response to my complaint of a stolen outboard motor.

Their actions led to recovery of the motor and arrest of the thief.

During the first week of July there were a number of thefts from boats on Lasqueti. When my motor went missing, I called the Parksville RCMP with a description of the suspect’s boat as it left False Bay.

Within 30 minutes I received a call from a Constable who took my information and went to French Creek to see if the boat was there.

I also called the Deep Bay Harbourmaster with details, and two days later he spotted the suspect boat. RCMP from Comox detachment went on the water and apprehended the suspect.

Having no expectations of recovering the stolen motor, I had set out to buy a replacement through a classified ad. While standing on the lawn of a Parksville residence looking at the motor for sale, an RCMP cruiser pulled into the driveway, the Constable stepped out and said “Hold the sale, we recovered your motor!”

They had phoned my wife, she told them my approximate location, and they tracked me down before I bought a replacement. Talk about service!

This is my first experience in filing a complaint with the RCMP. I was impressed by their immediate response and diligent follow-up. Special thanks go to Constable Gueulette and Constable Javoric of the Parksville Detachment and Constable McMillan of Comox Detachment. Your service exceeded my expectations. My community and I feel safer thanks to you.

Greg Seaman


Lasqueti Island