A man of his word

Without Paul Reitsma's support, lawn bowling club wouldn't be here

84 and seen many changes in the city councils. I tried to follow their activities and feel that although they make many promises at election time, they seldom achieve results.

I read Paul Reitsma’s election platform, and I appreciate the history of Parksville write up, and was struck by the quality of testimonials he received from so many people.

I was one of the originals with Bob and Betty Benton and Dave Cross who started the Parksville Lawn Bowling Club. Without Paul Reitsma’s support and effort to secure a long term property at Stanford, it would have been very difficult and probably impossible.

I lived at the back of the Parksville Flats and I remember Mr. Reitsma was the most active authority in 1990, who prevented the massive development plans, thus securing a green space and preservation of a very ecological sensitive area.

To me, Mr. Reitsma has demonstrated he’s a man of his word who keeps his promises in the best interests of the town and its people.

George Richardson