A sad vendetta

It's time for Qualicum Beach council to get serious

Re: Infighting continues, (The News, Oct. 26).

What a sad state of affairs that after a year of supposedly working together toward the same end — the sound governance of our beautiful town — our elected officials are still squabbling like a bunch of 10-year-olds.

Well, perhaps not all. Councillor Dave Willie is either expressing a natural vindictive nature or is acting as the mouthpiece for the group of disruptive fellow councillors.

Many of us feel that the town of Qualicum Beach has lost some of its sparkle and happy, contented atmosphere.

Continual sniping at the mayor — who, like us all, is not error-free but has earned the approval and support of a large majority of citizens after almost 20 years in the council chamber — shows an immature character completely at odds with public service.

Willie is entitled to his own opinions but we expect him to use them for the good of the town, not for perpetuating his childish vendetta against the mayor.

Frank H. Horner


Qualicum Beach