A sticker for Mr. Black

On behalf of all Legionnaires, we are so sorry that you continue to struggle with our poppy pins.

This letter is directed to your columnist Arthur Black in reference to his most recent column in The NEWS.

On behalf of all Legionnaires, we are so sorry that you continue to struggle with our poppy pins. We are right in the middle of our annual fundraising campaign, and as you know it is a busy time. Our 152 branches have volunteers far and wide collecting vital funds supporting our veterans and youth programs. However, we did want to give some thought to your views and are happy to respond.

We appreciate people donating generously several times. It isn’t lost on us that seatbelts and scarves regularly wreak havoc on unsuspecting straight pins and poppies. Call it genius if you will, we consider it an opportunity for people to have poppies on every jacket they own.

We have heard the call of Canadians on this issue, so this year, we have a great solution. You can get a “poppy keeper” for the end of your pin which acts not unlike the back of an earring and holds it in place. This ensures stable attachment, and less trips to the donation jar to get more poppies. We are hoping that this innovation helps folks like you feel a little happier with your poppy. We also like to see Canadians give generously for their first poppy, because now they don’t have to keep coming back for more.

As for our inability to innovate, we are ahead of you on this one! If you don’t carry cash, you can text a donation on your cell by sending the word POPPY to 20222 generating a $5 direct donation on your cell bill.

We have been giving some thought to your personal straight pin injury issues Mr. Black and feel we have a good solution for you. Small children, for their safety, get poppy stickers in lieu of pins. How about we go ahead and send you a few of those to wear?

Thank you sincerely from the Legion for taking the time to think about poppies, remembrance and our very important charitable work.

Inga Kruse, Executive Director

BC/Yukon Command & Foundation

The Royal Canadian Legion