A truly terrible introduction

Smart meters have had more than their fair share of problems

Yes, we too now have one of those dumb smart meters. I said no to the installers at the door and was told it would be reviewed by hydro and installed anyway.

We have experience with them in Victoria and our Hydro bill doubled. But, what was interesting was what I learned from the fellows going door to door. Yes they have had faulty meters and yes, there have been other significant problems.

I was told that the meter readers have not been reading the smart metres properly on many occasions. So, everyone should be reading their own metres, recording it and comparing  the numbers to the readings on your bill.

Take a picture, record the dates and you can look Minister Rich Coleman directly in the eye when he rather arrogantly and righteously defends his not so smart meters. Eventually, (don’t know how long that will take) all these metres will be read online and apparently save us money. We’ll see. What a terrible introduction to these things!

Patricia Walters


Qualicum Beach