A very powerful tool

Think your one vote won't matter? Hogwash!

Here we go. It’s time. Crack those knuckles and get ready to jump right on in to the fray. It’s only a few moments you’ll spend in a tight space, but when you are done, your actions — and the collective actions of those around you — just might have an impact on the next few years.

Nope. It’s not hockey. It’s voting in those cramped booths on Monday, May 2, that we’re talking about.

This weekend will be your last chance — if you are still undecided — to help determine the country’s immediate future.

Your one vote won’t matter, you say?

Hogwash. If we all felt that way — and sometimes, it seems like a lot of people do feel that way — then who is it that we’re leaving the decision up to? If no one voted at all, could you just imagine the stalemate and bickering and chaos?

Then we would see the power of one vote.

Hypothetical situations aside, voting for the candidate or party that truly represents you the best can be empowering — both to yourself and to the person hoping to represent you.

And the best thing about voting? The validation that occurs when it comes time to really blast the person who fails to represent you. 

And if they still don’t listen? 

Why, the vote can be a very powerful tool.


 Editorial by Steven Heywood