A wonderful world

Just to remind us all how fortunate we are to live in Parksville.

Just to remind us all how fortunate we are to live in Parksville.

I was out for a morning walk and met a lady with two little boys, about four and five.

They were standing on the sidewalk, as a deer passed by on the other side. I pointed it out to them and the lady said they were only interested in the truck which was coming up the street. (I should have remembered little boys’ devotion to anything on wheels, as we have four sons!) We all waved to the driver as he passed by.

He then stopped — backed up, and asked the boys if they would like to honk the horn.   I wish I could describe the look on their faces, as they were carefully lifted into the cab and honked. What joy we can spread by simply thinking of others. My very sincere thanks to the driver, for brightening the day for so many people.

Later that day, we were driving up to Qualicum and spotted a lady in a motorized wheelchair at the side of the highway. She was busy with a long handled picker, collecting garbage from the roadside and stuffing it into a bay on her machine.

What an example to us all, who may think we are getting too old or decrepit to help.

I am sure many things of this nature do happen — please take the time to let others know what a wonderful world we live in.

Betty Petrie