About those costs

More questions arise about the Oceanside Health Centre

I am mystified by a few aspects of the new Oceanside Health Centre.

Could $25-$30 million dollars be the actual cost of our new centre instead of the original or raised projected costs?

How much was the purchase price of the Parksville X-ray and Imaging Company? Where is this cost hidden and how much was the actual purchase price?

Purchase price of the adjoining property VIHA bought for future expansions: again, how much? The 15 employees of the Parksville X-ray were promised employment and job security by VIHA, seemingly without the knowledge of the union.

VIHA deals with the union all the time and should have known that members would get first crack at the new positions in the new centre. Are the X-ray employees being offered other jobs throughout Vancouver Island or possibly other areas of B.C.?

This whole process has seemed disjointed from the beginning. After a nurse came up with plans to push for a new hospital in our area, suddenly the next week, in fact, there is a ground-breaking ceremony. Before this, I had the distinct feeling that the provincial government neither heard nor cared about this area, period.

Marion Shermak


Qualicum Beach