Accountability is key

What happened to the realization there is only one taxpayer?

I am growing increasingly concerned about the Qualicum Beach troika’s contemptuous disregard for my tax dollar.

Assuming the reporting in this newspaper is correct, they are into a form of crony corporate capitalism, not “free” enterprise.

Coun. Dave Willie, as a taxpaying resident of Qualicum Beach, budgets matter to me. That includes the one for the new fire hall. Why do they not matter to you?

Coun. Brouilette, again as a tax-paying resident, I am not happy with what may be a million-dollar subsidy to a for-profit corporate entity.

Why do you not want to know the probable amount of our gift to this corporate entity?

Whether or not this taxpayer subsidy is eventually recouped by the town does not negate the fact it is a taxpayer gift to a profitable corporate entity for which future generations pay.

What happened to not burdening future generations with our debt?

And, based on credible economics and accounting principles, it is highly unlikely these infrastructure costs will be recouped by the town in the near future.

In the meantime, this corporate entity has left with its profits while we pay the interest charges.

If the Clarion is as good for Qualicum Beach as this troika claim, surely it can stand on its own merits without taxpayer subsidies.

As for possible grants from other levels of government, what happened to the realization there is only one taxpayer?

Thank you Mayor Teunis Westbroek and Coun. Scott Tanner for trying to hold these three accountable for how they spend our tax dollars.

Yvonne Zarowny


Qualicum Beach