Ads are misleading

Just how stupid do the Liberals really think we are?

The huge B.C. government ad stating, “B.C. has doubled lumber exports to China in one year,” in your paper (The News, Feb. 21) makes me laugh in disbelief.

According to The Province, February 20, 2012 article, B.C. raw log exports to China have gone up 160 per cent, causing more than 70 mills in B.C. to close in the past 12 years.

That is thousands of jobs lost that supported thousands of B.C. families.

How can the BC Liberals force us taxpayers to pay for these huge expensive ads that are so misleading? They tell half truths.

Like when they announced in their attack ads that under the NDP, 50,000 people left B.C. Again, they fail to mention that, according to the government’s own statistics (, the population of B.C. increased by 745,179 people between 1991 and 2001, the years in which the NDP formed the government.

I want a government which is open, honest and accountable and helps B.C. families with decent paying jobs here at home.

Haida bolton