Alberni-Qualicum MP needs a backbone

If James Lunney was representing his constituents, he would have acted differently

It would have been nice to see James Lunney, our MP,  show a little backbone and stand up for B.C.’s Coast Guard concerns.

The normal business as usual is getting very old. The line I liked the best was, “I’ve made some strong representations on trying to get a better take on this.”

Wow, what spin doctor came up with that shadow dance? I want to know how many votes he voted for the Conservatives on Bill C-38 and did not use that opportunity to get his constituents’ concerns addressed by threatening to vote against them. It would seem that not to jeopardize his position within the party trumped our Coast Guard safety concerns in B.C.

Shame on him for being incapable of representing his electorate.

Bob Tritschler