American cops should stay home

Allowing U.S. police to arrest people on Canadian soil is the wrong way to go

I am so against allowing U.S. law enforcement officials being allowed to make arrests on Canadian soil.

Is the reverse true, that Canadian officials can make arrests on U.S. soil?

This is taking away our sovereignty. I don’t like the idea that we are giving away our sovereignty bit by bit. Something like this should be put to a vote.

Stephen Harper may be our prime minister and may have a majority government but that does not give him the right to change the fundamental aspects of our democracy.

He should repeal this decision.

I voted for him but I do not like the way he is railroading this government with his majority which is starting to look like a dictatorship.

He had no right to push through the last enormous bill that buried this and other measures as minor subsections without due process in the House.

If he does not listen to Canadians he will lose the next election which will be a shame as he has done a lot of good since he came in.

Dianne Ackerman