Anyone can speak

Banks and corporate groups largely to blame for economic crunch

In response to Neil Horner’s coverage — Smart meters or population control? (The News, Oct. 11)  I need to address the issue of smart meters and “shadow government” in terms which will better reflect my point of view.

I strongly believe that we have the right to be consulted about decisions that may affect our lives therefore; the installation of smart meters should be part of the public debate.

Do I think that large corporations and international banking cartels control our political arena through well financed lobbying campaigns and integration of key personnel within our political bureaucracy? Yes!

Do I think corporate and banking infusion into the political arena has lead to a financial crisis that serves the purposes of the elite to the detriment of Canadian society? Yes!

Do I think a global agenda is infused in most of the policies and regulations that govern our country? Yes!

Do I believe global interests continue to usurp their authority within Canadian life through nefarious trade agreements that will bankrupt our wealth and sovereignty and undermine our ability to secure economic wealth and jobs? Yes!

As a candidate for Area F, I am running to represent community-driven solutions.

Being informed is the basis for grassroots involvement in government decision making. I am committed to bringing local issues to the surface, where they can be discussed at public meetings. As your representative, I will take your collective wisdom forward and advance solutions that address our unique identity.

I applaud freedom of speech and do not negate the voice of anyone who wants to speak at a meeting, stand on the street with signs or write a letter to the editor.  This is part of a healthy and free society as guaranteed under our constitution.

Leanne Salter