Apples and oranges

Mixing up provincial with municipal politics is a mistake

Re: Stop Complaining, a letter to the editor by Craig Dutton in the June 18 edition of The NEWS.

I was one of the 32 per cent who voted NDP in the provincial election and among a group of my friends, the NDP vote was quite likely well under 32 per cent.

However, in conversation between this group and others I have spoken to who preferred to vote for the Liberal or Conservative parties, far more than 32 per cent  are upset with many of the decisions of the present Qualicum Beach town council.

Surely, Teunis Westbroek received more than 32 per cent of the votes when elected as mayor of Qualicum Beach.

Mixing provincial and municipal politics in this manner doesn’t make a lot of sense and I suggest Dutton needs to revise his logic.

Tess Cormack


Qualicum Beach