Are you serious?

This development plan does not belong in uptown Qualicum Beach

Opening Page 3 of the The NEWS on Thursday startled me when I saw an artist’s rendering of a proposed development of condos to be built at the corner of First Avenue West and Harlech Road.

There’s nothing wrong with the design — it’s very smart, modern and upscale for another town, but would do nothing to enhance the village appeal of Qualicum Beach.

What are councillors Dave Willie, Mary Brouillette and Bill Luchtmeijer thinking? Just look at the beautiful peaked roofs of a lot of the buildings in downtown Qualicum; the attractive condos above stores — they are uniquely different and this is what gives Qualicum Beach its quaintness and village appeal to residents and visitors alike.

A contemporary building in this town would look out of place, and one that overshadows the Town Hall is a bit off.

Mayor Teunis Westbroek and Coun. Scott Tanner are right — this building doesn’t fit in and it’s a stretch from the village design guidelines.

The charisma, the atmosphere, and the very essence of Qualicum Beach will fade as the doors open and make way for more tall buildings devoid of character.

Absolutely that land needs to be developed, but surely the same architect could design a building more in line with the charm of the town.

You never know, they might also sell quicker, too.

Patricia Spinks


Qualicum Beach