Bag ban would eliminate personal choice

I was very dismayed to read the article in the July 27 issue suggesting a movement to ban the use of plastic bags in stores in our area. Many people, myself included, reuse the plastic bags that we receive our purchases in for many other purposes and do so in a very responsible way.

If plastic bags were banned in stores then I, and others, would have to purchase similar bags and use them as we currently use the ones that we receive our groceries in. I am always disturbed when I do receive groceries in large paper bags that go right into the paper recycling bag. What a waste of trees!

I am always appalled by groups or individuals that wish to impose their ideas on everybody else. We are living more and more in a world that is driven by the will of minorities. If some people don’t want to use plastic bags then don’t use them but let those who want to use them responsibly do so.

Michael Procter