Be quake ready

You just can't tell when the really big one is going to hit

ave occurred, and still occur, around the Pacific Ring of Fire. The most active areas today are in, and adjacent to, deep ocean trenches. South of here a prime example is the five mile deep Peru-Chile trench.

In 1960 this area had the largest  earthquake ever recorded, at 9.5. on the Richter scale. It still makes the news today because of volcanic eruptions and earthquakes

To the north of B.C., Alaska abuts the Aleutian trench, which in 1964 produced what is probably the world’s second largest earthquake of 9.2. There are about nine other Pacific trenches, notably the one off Japan, where a quake caused the dreadful tsunami of 2011.

The west coast of North America is less active seismically, and the activity there varies from place to place. For example, California has about twice the total  activity of B.C.

During the past century B.C. had about  half a dozen quakes measuring 6.9 or more on the Richter scale. The largest measured 8.1.

Earthquakes cannot be predicted, and could cause either local or widespread damage in B.C.  at any time. Preparation on all levels, from households to governments, is the only way  to mitigate the results.

James Drummond


Qualicum Beach