Be seen at night

Why do people put reflective vets on their pets and wear black while they walk them

I sit and I wonder: where are all these dogs going?

A number of purebred dogs went missing last year. Now, purebred dogs are starting to disappear this year. Were the first ones stolen? Do we have thieves in the area?

I ponder: why is everyone so concerned with their dogs being seen at night? Dogs have their blinkers and their reflective vests on, but their owners are dressed in black and invisible in the winter’s inky night. Why is that? And where are the rules for car drivers and bicycle lanes? Bikes are the silent runners that can come up to my car as I am about to make a right hand turn.

Why don’t folks use their signals as they drive? Last I recall, it was that little handle on the driving column that moved with a touch of the finger. It was never put there for your use.  It was put there for mine. I’m not a mind reader you see. I believe it was designed so life would run smoothly.

I guess inquiring minds want to know.

Elaine Thompson