Big money will leave town

Big box ban is hurting the businesses of Qualicum Beach

Mr. Dreger (The News, July 13) has hit on a subject that has bothered me for some time. In effect, by insisting that the big box stores such as Wal-Mart, Home Depot and Costco stay out of our town, the Town of Qualicum is painting itself into a corner.

When I need something I cannot buy in Qualicum Beach (because of unavailability or price) — a whole beef rib roast for example — I make a list of other items I can get in Nanaimo and then make a trip south and hit all of these big box stores. This is money that could be spent locally! And it’s usually big money.

If the big box stores come to Wembly Mall, downtown Qualicum Beach will look like a shopping ghost town! And most of the money spent there still won’t come back to Qualicum Beach!

Warren Bailey


Qualicum Beach