Bill made me cry

After opening my hydro bill online today, I actually cried.

Haven’t seen a letter for a while about this particular topic, so I guess it’s getting old or stale perhaps.

However, after opening my hydro bill online today, I actually cried.

Like a lot of the citizens of Parksville, I am an older woman, living alone in her home.

The smart meter that was installed on the house was, upon my insistence, taken away and tested — it came back as working just fine.

This house is a bit of a challenge or mystery, guess you could say, for BC Hydro. The reason for that is that there is a rental suite in the house. Sometimes it is rented out, other times it is not.

So, when BC Hydro looks back at the previous billing and usage, if there was a family living here, obviously, the usage was higher.

So, when they do their guesstimate billing it is way off the mark, if I am living here alone.

For some unknown reason, the people at BC Hydro can’t seem to comprehend this situation.

My lifestyle is very simple, I am usually in bed by nine or 10 p.m. I only keep heat on in the room that I am occupying at any time. I don’t heat my bedroom.

As far as appliances, my clothing is hung on a rack to dry, in the house in the winter, and outside in the summer. When I tell BC Hydro this, they insist that “something” is causing high usage.

What on earth could that something be?

I am trying, once again, to rent out the suite. However, with the cost of the heating am wondering if it is worth it.

It seems that nearly everyone that has rental suites is now including heat in the rent.

So, would I actually make any money if it is rented out again? That is the question.

The bill I just received, for two months, is nearly $1,000. I am at a loss as to how I can pay that amount.

T. Shore