Bobble heads need not apply

So, Michelle Stilwell thinks “becoming an MLA is not about experience” (The NEWS, Feb. 26).

So, Michelle Stilwell thinks “becoming an MLA is not about experience” (The NEWS, Feb. 26).

Sadly, I’d have to agree with her. I must have missed the referendum that allowed the leaders of Canadian political parties to be anointed as emperors, but it’s pretty clear in current provincial and federal politics that the party leader calls the shots and the “job” of most backbenchers is to warm their seats until the vote is taken, and then nod or shake their head as dictated by the party whip.

In keeping with Christy Clark’s new-found interest in “truth in advertising” with taxpayers’ money, I’d like to propose that we change the Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) job title to BHLA, which of course stands for Bobble Head of the Legislative Assembly.

I can understand why Stilwell wants the job, because where else can you find a $125,000 salary, perks and pension, for no relevant education, no relevant training and no relevant job experience?

Top this with being at work five months of the year and no conflict of interest challenge or pay deduction when you take your time, energy, and attention to another all consuming goal, say, competitive sports training.

Just in case Stilwell is different from all the other political wannabees and she wants more for the voters in her constituency, could I suggest she first train up on: rules of order, parliamentary democracy, business administration, accounting, finance, environmental standards, labour relations and, of course, law. And when she’s got some relevant experience, I would encourage Stilwell to re-apply.

But not now. We already have way too many people currently sitting patiently on their thumbs in the B.C. legislature, waiting for their chosen one to tell them what to think and say. Further bobble heads need not apply, but people with experience are most welcome.

Bruce Fowler