Bridge is the way

Malahat problems can be circumvented with a little engineering

How many more people have to die on the Malahat, the most notorious piece of pavement in British Columbia?

This most recent incident  occurred almost immediately after our highways department spent millions supposedly making it safer.

That would have gone a long way to the building of a bridge.

About 20 years ago, a man by the name of Jack Wallis proposed a bridge across the Saanich Inlet between Mill Bay and Deep Cove, which is at the North end of the Saanich Penisula.

This would have alleviated a good portion of the traffic on the Malahat and reduced some of the necessity of upgrading that portion of the highway.

At that time it was met with considerable resistance from various sources with interests in other areas.

With another upgrading now, including the installation of continuous barriers between the traffic flows, perhaps it is time to reconsider that.

There are fantastic bridges being built all around the world and this would definitely be an asset.

As a toll bridge, it could probably be paid off in a very short time and reduce considerably the amount of carbon dioxide produced by traffic climbing the Malahat.

Richard A. Young