Bye bye to bundling

Now we don't have to watch all those crummy channels on TV

Finally, broadcast companies are looking at the old bundling system as a failed system as the public demands more.

Bell Media and Telus Corp have taken the step to finally get away from the old habit of bundling junk with desirable programming.

This ancient method of creating additional revenues under the guise of CRTC regulation has finally gasped its last breath.

This leap into the now will give the viewer the opportunity to pay for what he/she wants to watch and not what is bundled with what he/she wants to watch. Everyone will benefit.

Billing individual channels at pay per channel per month will be available, quality of programming will increase as junk channels will not be purchased, more bandwidth will be available for meaningful programming.

Those that fail to convert to this new system of delivery will lose enormous market share.

Bob Tritschler