Canada is failing

We only have a couple of years to get things right

It grieves me to see how our present government in Ottawa is taking our country away from our normal position of peacekeeping and help with the things that need it.

In a recent edition of a national daily newspaper, there were several articles that were demonstrating where we are failing in our approach to our  (rightful) position on the world stage.

We are failing in the expected area of clarity and honesty in one of the branches of our governing, the Senate.

We are losing our reputation and failing to do our stated part to alleviate climate change.

We are severely cutting back on our help in Africa where all our major confreres are still sending much help where it is needed.

I was upset to find that we are losing our national responsibility to look after our service men and women who have returned from Afghanistan.

I think we must look closely at our governing peers and decide their fate.

By this I mean all parties — the party in power at present and all the other parties in opposition. We have approximately two years to get this decision right. To leave it later must be considered “too late.”

Les Crimp

Nanoose Bay