Canines are citizens, too

Socializing dogs at public events not such a bad idea

With respect to the recent talk of banning dogs from the beaches and from the local farmer’s market I just had to share my story.

Three years ago I brought home a very timid little Great Dane. Through multiple visits in town and to the off leash areas he has become a confident, calm, well behaved addition to our family.

I often brag to people about how welcoming the communities of Parksville and Qualicum Beach were when he was learning to socialize.

Allowing dogs more access to social events gives responsible dog owners the chance to educate their dogs on proper behaviour skills, not unlike children.

Keeping dogs confined or always leashed actually can create a more fearful or aggressive dog.

I hope our communities will continue to welcome our four legged friends to local events and thereby providing the opportunity for the dogs to become good canine citizens.

Karen Bacon