Caring Qualicum

Now how is that for going beyond the call of human kindness?

On Sept. 17 at 1 p.m., I was waiting for my husband to arrive at McShane’s Dentist.

He was coming behind me, I thought, he was very late, I was becoming very worried as he was on his scooter.

Just as I was toying with the idea of going to look for him a sandy-haired, tall, well-built young man brought him, totally out of breath and out of sorts, from the exertion of walking to the office.

Tyler — unfortunately I did not get his full name or a telephone number —  had grabbed a chair and sat him down.

The scooter had just died. They left it where it was as Tyler did not know how to put it into neutral.

My husband David was taken in to see the dentist. Shortly after, Tyler re-appeared.

He had asked another scooter rider how to get it into neutral and wheeled it up to the handicap spot right outside the dentist’s.

Now how is that for going beyond the call of human kindness?

On top of all that, the receptionist at the dentist’s office went out of her way to help me make some phone calls, first trying to track my husband down and later to phone Life Support in Parksville to tell them what had happened and where we were.

They came within the hour, put a new battery in the scooter and pumped up the rather flat tires.

We were able to go home to The Gardens safely without any further incident.

This is not the first time some people from Qualicum have come to our rescue.  To all of you, a very very big thank-you. Qualicum Beach: what a great place to live.

David and Angela Eyre


Qualicum Beach