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Chand has it wrong

Organic food is all about people eating the healthiest food possible

Organic food is not about any certifying body, nor is it about Kris Chand. Organic food is about farmers and consumers coming together to support a form of agriculture that is healthier for us, our community and our environment.

Organic agriculture is not a concept created by any certifying agency, it was created by farmers growing healthier food for their neighbours.

At its very core is a sense of trust. The certifying agencies do not own the concept, we do.

That said, I do see room for some form of regulation. Anytime there is separation between farmers and those consuming their products, there is room for mistakes and misrepresentations.

The Certified Organic label offers some confidence when I’m not buying food directly from the farmer.

However, I have far more confidence in the quality of food coming from my non-certified organic neighbours than I do any shipped-in certified food.

I’m far too familiar with the flaws of a certifying bureaucracy designed to serve the food industry.

Plus, once food enters the supply chain, it looes something.

To prohibit the most organic form of organic agriculture available, as suggested by Mr. Chand in the article, really doesn’t make any sense.

I want to know which farmers in my community are organic, certified or not. Organic food should be for us who eat organically, not the food industry.

Wayne Osborne


Qualicum Beach