Change coming to all this year

By the end of 2012 things will look very different around here

The year 2012 is an eventful one, when three major cycles of development for humanity’s evolution cease.

The way we think and believe will no longer be viable, because a new evolutionary force is entering our world. It is a force aimed at the value of goodwill and at its foundation, equality. Humanity will experience major shifts of awareness (consciousness) influencing one’s progression of daily thought.

These build the personality within humanity to be strong and courageous, able to withstand modification, alterations. Humanity will deeply assess prevailing values, ideas we have been taught and beliefs around those ideas. Humanity will assess life itself (what is it?) and our part in it (who are we?)

Humanity worldwide enters into a time of preparation as January begins, the structures we know and believe in will begin to disappear more rapidly and by the end of January all of humanity begins a life review, a “looking within” assessing past plans and goals for the purpose of creating a right and appropriate future.

Goodwill to all in this coming year!

Micheal Razberry