Christy run here?

It makes a certain amount of sense for premier to consider this constituency

John Harding’s editorial May 28 (‘Some Suggestions’) points a finger directly at one of the major weaknesses in our political system.

Yes, local issues were not addressed in the recent election campaign because most of us vote for a party and its proposed provincial agenda. Local issues remain on a wish list.

The value of the candidate is based mostly on experience, not good looks or personality.

In this constituency, we had three candidates with loads of good looks and personality, but virtually no experience.

So, I have another suggestion to add to Harding’s. We have a premier without a seat in the legislature. Parksville Qualicum Beach is a dead certainty to elect a B.C. Liberal in a byelection, so ask Michelle Stilwell to step down to make way for Premier Christy Clarke to run.

This would give us senior, experienced representation in the government and thus, perhaps, a higher priority from the decision-makers.

Stilwell would be afforded the freedom to persue her athletic activities, which she has stated she intends to do, without interrupting the affairs of state.

Sounds like a win-win to me.

F.H. Horner


Qualicum Beach