Coal mined under stringent rules

You can't pretend you don't use resources

It boggles the mind that people who are consumers of resources do not understand the connection between their consumption and the source of those raw materials.  

It’s like the modern cliché that kids now think that milk and meat originate in supermarkets.  

People can pretend that they do not consume, however they are under serious delusions unless they are living in caves and walking or paddling their dugout canoes for transportation.   

We consume resources whether we like it or not. It is therefore incumbent on us to produce these resources from our own country if we do not want to export the resource development and resultant pollution to other countries around the world. 

These same deluded consumers are the first to slam Canadian companies for exploiting resources in Third World countries. So which way do they want it to be?  

Canadian companies working in Canada operate under the most stringent resource development regulations of anywhere in the world.

 Alf Randall

Qualicum Beach