Commercials are an issue

Some very important issues are not being mentioned in the ads

I see commercials on TV that I believe are telling lies and mistruths and have no bearing on the costs that governments bear for whatever reason.

One such reason is that during the 90s, immigration to B.C. over a five-year average was 88,487 additional residents per year, which is more than twice the average from 2001 to 2006.

This caused infrastructure costs to balloon in order to accommodate these additions, such as schools, police, social networks, hospitals, highways such as the Inland Island Highway and the two additional lanes to the Port Mann bridge.

Remember the 1990s when you could get an operation without waiting six months or a year? If the government of the day was so bad, then why did so many people come to British Columbia?

And when they talk about bad times here in the late 90s, how soon we forget the drop in the Japanese yen, which devastated our trade with the Pacific Rim countries.

The Liberals have even had to change their own law that required no deficit budgeting.

When these commercials talk about the reduction in taxes, don’t people realize we are paying more in the form of tolls for medicine, health care and, for a few years, even down to parking fees in our own beautiful parks.

W.H. Martin