Conservative leadership pick a Scheer surprise

Final tallies on the 13th ballot in the Conservative Leadership Convention in May gave former Speaker of the House Of Commons, Saskatchewan MP Andrew Scheer, a narrow and somewhat unexpected win. There was Scheer joy on his ever-smiling and somewhat cherubic, dimple-cheeked face. Scheer adoration from his wife and five kids. Scheer agony on the faces of defeated favourite Maxime Bernier and girlfriend Catherine Letarte. Scheer excitement from the Tory Party members present, who seem to believe that they have a “Happy Harper” capable of regaining power in the 2019 election.

Those of the Liberal persuasion are probably thinking this was Scheer luck that a staunch social conservative again leads the Tories, and will be taking immediate aim at his values. Those of the NDP persuasion will count it all as a Scheer waste of time, now that their own leadership campaign kicks into top gear. Whatever your politics, the result on Saturday was indeed a Scheer surprise.

Bernie Smith