Control your dogs

They may not bite, but these pooches are very much a pain

I live in Errington, and apparently not a lot of people care about their pets.

I see dogs roaming the back roads alone quite often. I constantly have problems with two stray, large, mountain-type dogs on my street. I even understand walking your dog off leash, but always letting them roam, with the owner nowhere to be seen (or heard) is not right.

As a last resort I called the SPCA, who of course once heard we are in Errington pretty much cut me off and gave me a number for animal control. So I called and got to someone in Nanaimo, who also told me they would not do anything about it, unless they are vicious.

These dogs are not vicious but they are certainly invasive. I have a five-month-old puppy who is recovering from some serious problems. We would really enjoy a walk in our neighborhood without being harassed by these two hooligans and me having to carry my 35-pound dog home.

Meanwhile, clearly no one hears me yelling for their dogs.

If you love your dogs, please show it and contain them. It’s not like people drive slow around here.

Lauren Iris Lauzer