Crime stats problematic

You need a spine in order to support a bigger brain

According to our MP James Lunney, crime statistics have not gone down despite empirical evidence to the contrary (The News, Dec. 6).

In fact, he claims that they are not only going up, but that this fact is being deliberately hidden through the manipulation of what we can only assume are unknown conspirators that must surely be harbouring a hidden liberal or socialist agenda.

After all, the Conservative government of Stephen Harper can never be wrong on any issue, no matter that some of what they propose is happening in Canada is so unbelievable that those myths wouldn’t be able to survive without the CPR hand wringing and panting blasts of hot air that pours forth from an indignant and self-righteous Conservative caucus on an almost daily basis.

Listening to the musings and explanations of MPs like Peter Kent, John Baird, Peter McKay, Tony Clement, and of course Stephen Harper, makes the ramblings of the tin foil hat crowd seem like the theories of Einstein.

So, I would suggest that Mr. James Lunney, if he really wants to represent me and all Canadians of his riding, that he please get his own brain.

Of course, when you see him robotically mouthing the inane, illogical, and hypocritical  Conservative talking points about almost any issue of substance, then you realize that he would have to grow a spine in order to support one in his skull.

Steve Lombardo