Curling benefits

As a founding member of the curling club, I find it disturbing that the city fathers find it necessary to impose a tax on our facilities.

As a founding member of the Parksville Curling Club, I find it disturbing to hear that the city fathers find it necessary to impose a tax on our facilities, a non-profit organization.

Thanks to Paul Reitsma, the mayor at the time of the organization of the club, who convinced council the benefits of the curling club and supplied property in the industrial park.

Ten years of fundraising by way of casinos, raffles, catalogue delivery and we had a financial start.

Thanks to the RDN who offered us the old arena when the new Oceanside Place facilities were completed. Sixteen of us issued a cheque in the amount of $1,000 each to purchase rocks for four sheets of ice from Harrison Hot Springs, who were closing their curling rink.

Volunteers, good management and hard work has brought world-class facilities. Yes, I say this because some years ago we had two teams from Japan here for weeks practising for world competition and also a visit from world curling champion Russ Howard.

I’m sure if city council realized the benefit of the facilities they would be offering help instead of actions that could cause us to close.

George Gudbranson