Curse the scammers

Telling Nigerian scammer I had put a curse on him worked for me

These Nigerian scams have been around for a very long time, with little change in approach.

I received the usual letter on my alternate e-mail address and decided to reply.

My reply informed the sender that I was a very successful witch and that because of his dishonesty in trying to scam me I was putting a curse on him. I stated that in exactly one year from his receiving this e-mail he would die a horrible, painful death as payback for his dishonesty.

About a week later I receive a reply from the guy begging me to cancel the curse. He said he was a poor student that had to make some money for his schooling and that he was so sorry for trying to scam me. He also stated he would not do it again.

After working in Nigeria, I am aware that many believe in curses, so why not lay one on the guy. It worked.

Wayne Dwernychuk