customer service is king

Writer got a healthy reminder about choices as a responsible consumer

There’s a very frequent complaint, a current mantra, that “customer service is not what it used to be.”

I would like to point out just one of the reasons for that constant refrain.

When I first started my business in Parksville, for a couple of different reasons, I made the rather poor decision to order my business cards from a big box store. That was just over 10 years ago, and the last time I was going to choose to “do business” again with them, I then decided not to, and for all the right reasons.

I later visited Parksville’s finest graphic arts company called Coastal Colour Printing on Franklin Gull’s Way. As I stepped in, not one, but two people were more than eager to speak to me about my needs.

There was no judgment with regard to my appearance, no hesitation about the order done well, and in a timely manner … and a proper amount of concern that it would be done to my satisfaction.

Not only was my order done well, and in a timely manner, the price was better than “the big box store” and I must point out, with a sense of pleasure and humour complete.

I’ve certainly had a healthy reminder about my choices as a responsible consumer.

Bravo and thank you to the local independents.

Tara Clarke