Deal with it

In reference to the Beach Club letter to city council.

In reference to the Beach Club letter to city council. I was more than appalled with the arrogance of representatives from the Beach Club. I was at the council meeting where this all took place and the two presenters from the Beach Club on the issue of gaining an outside entertainment endorsement appeared very ill prepared.

They certainly did post intentions with requests for input in the paper which were restricted to nearby residents and businesses alike, but maybe just forgot to include those of us in other areas of the city who are affected by noise coming up from the beach and across the water as well.

We are all taxpayers and have the right to voice our opinions and concerns and be taken into consideration. Don’t get me wrong … I am all for parties and good times, but only if they are kept inside and under control.

What bothers me the most in this letter sent to mayor and council is the direct bashing of councillor Carrie Powell-Davidson. She was acting in a democratic way and doing the job she was voted in to do. She has also done a lot to promote your establishment. Do we always get what we want? No. Do we keep belittling those who make the rules … No. What is good for us is good for you, so deal with it. Money doesn’t buy everything.

Anne Fairclough, Parksville