Deer bring in ticks

There's nothing wrong with a deer cull in this writer's opinion

There are too many deer in the area and they do a lot of damage to our gardens but that is not my big concern.

It is what the deer leave behind that worries me and it should worry you too! The deer are a major host to ticks, blood sucking insects that carry numerous diseases.  Ticks drop off the deer when they have finished feeding and hide in the leaf litter and mulch till they require their next meal. Ticks will feed on any warm blooded creature, including us and our pets.

A couple of years ago I developed two bulls eye rashes which are a confirmation of bites by Lyme disease infected ticks. This happened while I was in the Oceanside area, most likely while I was working in my yard.

If you get Lyme disease or any of the other co-infections transmitted by ticks this can lead to years of chronic illness, pain and misery.

Culling the deer would help reduce the tick population and hopefully slow down the spread of these infectious diseases.     Please think about the risks we are taking by doing nothing.

sue aldous


Qualicum Beach