Define wealth

There is more than one way to be considered wealthy in this world

As a community, District 69 is quite wealthy — and we’re talking about generosity here, not actual wealth.

For two years in a row, people have donated enough cash, toys and goods to keep the Society of Organized Services humming year-round, as well as keeping the local food banks stocked up and other charitable organizations afloat when they need it the most.

All of this makes the response received at The News about a man’s need after a trip gone bad, absolutely astounding — and disappointing.

A local couple save for a trip and pass on the travel insurance. A bad decision, yes, but one many others make, often without mishap. So, money saved. Yet, this time, things went very wrong and they lose almost everything paying the resulting bills.

The family’s appeal for help drew jeers from some readers and the reason for that is perplexing. How is this different than people who do not have insurance on their homes? We’ve seen three serious house fires over the last few weeks — one of which involved a home whose owners did not have insurance. Yet, people rush to help.

That has been the way of people in District 69 — generous, even when they, themselves, are not cash-rich.

It’s this willingness to help our neighbours that sets us apart and makes for a community that, in many respects, takes care if its own. We don’t absolve people from their responsibilities, but we are, generally, unwilling to let someone fall so far, so fast.

A new look for The News

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— editorial by Steven Heywood