Demand non-toxic antifreeze always

Car repair facilities are still allowed to use the poisonous variety

Antifreeze? We still can’t get it right!

Last year, legislation supposedly made it safe for our pets because retail antifreeze must contain a bittering agent. Well, not quite.

Here’s an incident that illustrates the problem.

A year ago, I made a point of asking for pet-safe antifreeze at the local garage when they flushed out the cooling system. Now, if the system has a leak, it will only drop safe antifreeze on the driveway.

But, last week, the truck went in for an oil change. As part of the service, the mechanic topped up the cooling fluid. He used the antifreeze he had on hand which is ethylene glycol; the poisonous one. Did he know that I wanted the safe version? Did he ask? No.

It turns out that the antifreeze that mechanics buy is the toxic product and they are allowed to buy and use it because it hasn’t gone through the retail channel.

Most mechanics aren’t aware that this product can kill cats and dogs. When you get your car serviced, ask for the pet-safe antifreeze. You may save your own pet’s life.

Jeff Grognet


Qualicum Beach