Democracy in Qualicum Beach?

Proposed building clearly doesn't fit in with uptown style

What has happened to democracy in Qualicum Beach?

In spite of the fact that our mayor and our OCP were supported by a large majority of the population, we have three councillors who have chosen to ignore both.

At the public meeting on May 6 about a proposed condo development downtown, eight people spoke in favour of the proposal, and 29 spoke against — actually not against, just for changes to this one.

Very reasonable concerns and suggestions were voiced.

These were mainly to do with the height, design, size, lack of view lines and green space, and DCC exemptions for the developer.

After this public meeting, five amendments were proposed by the mayor and Coun. Scott Tanner, all of which were voted down by these three and so third reading was passed.

The most beautiful seaside towns on this planet have changed very little over the years — it’s what makes them so desirable to many people.

They have architectural guidelines and new buildings have to fit into those guidelines,

It doesn’t stop growth.

It is obvious that this building, aesthetically and architecturally, doesn’t fit with the village of Qualicum Beach.

So it leaves one to wonder — what are the real reasons behind their push for this particular proposal?

L. Rainey


Qualicum Beach